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Riot boss says work on LoL MMORPG has restarted after 3 years



The MMORPG for League of Legends received a reboot some time ago. This is reported today on March 20th by Marc Merrill, the head of Riot Games. Apparently the reboot of the MMORPG is related to the departure of the game's boss, Greg Street, in March 2023. This is what Riot Games now says about the new direction.

This is the situation:

  • The MMORPG for League of Legends, which still has no name, was presented by Riot Games in December 2020.
  • The brains and big name behind the game was Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street, who used to be an important person at Blizzard and was at the helm during the golden age of WoW.
  • But in March 2023, Ghostcrawler left Riot Games and the MMORPG. Apparently there were problems with the ability to work from home. Ghostcrawler wanted to be with the family again after strokes of fate. He is now working on the new MMORPG Ghost.

Today on March 20th After a long period of radio silence, there was news about the LoL MMORPG and, no matter how hopeful it was, it could still worry fans.

LoL The Curse of the sad Mummy

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Development of the LoL MMORPG starts fresh under new leadership

This is the news: Riot Games founder and boss Marc “Tryndamere” Merrill writes (via tweet):

After a long time, it was decided to restart the direction of the project. The decision was difficult for Riot Games, but it was made some time ago.

The original version of the MMORPG wasn't different enough from what you can already play now.

“We don't think you all want an MMO you've already played, just with a Runeterra lick: to truly live up to Runeterra's potential and meet the extremely high expectations of players worldwide, we need to do something which feels like a significant evolution of the genre.

This is a big challenge, but one that our team of enthusiastic MMO players and experienced game developers will tackle with extreme motivation.”

When did the reset happen exactly? The role descriptions on Linkedin indicate that the realignment occurred in January 2024.

WoW man goes, Mass Effect man comes

It changes: That's not really what you say. But Tryndamere is putting a new developer in the spotlight, Fabrice Condominas, who was at BioWare for 6 years and worked there as a producer on Mass Effect 3 and Mass Effect: Andromeda.

He takes over from Vijay Thakkar, who laid the technical foundation for the LoL MMORPG in 2023 and will now continue to work as technical director, while Condominas will apparently become the game director.

Vijayy Thakkar has been with Riot Games since 2016 after they bought his previous studio. He was already Technical Director at Wild Rift, then worked as Technical Director on the LoL MMORPG since April 2021, was Executive Producer for 13 months and is now switching back to the role of Technical Director.

Fabrice Condominas started at Riot Games in Singapore in 2021 and has been Executive Producer on the MMO since January 2024.

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LoL MMORPG will be silent for “several years” now

This is the bad news: The bad news is that with the “restart” of production, we now have to wait even longer for information.

Tryndamere says they will probably be quiet and develop in the dark for “several years.”

Restart is probably related to the loss of Ghostcrawler

This is what lies behind it: Basically, this is now the “effect” of losing Ghostcrawler. Riot Games is now starting from scratch and trying again. Implementing the vision of a man who is no longer with the company would probably make no sense. And the idea of ​​an MMORPG was still so new anyway and Riot Games has revealed so little about it that they can now start development again under a new head.

The truth is that Riot Games was hit hard by the Corona crisis, not much happened during that time anyway and the studio had to reposition itself. From reports and statements from the company we know that many Riot Games developers reoriented themselves during the Corona crisis, left the industry and Riot Games had to look for new developers to start the important projects (i.e. the MOBA League of Legends) again run.

Little actually changes for players. Instead of “first information in 2026”, you can now expect “first information about the LoL MMORPG” in perhaps 2028.

As early as March 2023, it became apparent that the LoL MMORPG could have started to waver:

The boss of the new MMORPG for LoL is gone – fan sees indications that the game could now be “on ice”

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