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Riot Games bans champion from the jungle, disappointing some players



League of Legends is planning a major change for champion Rell with the upcoming patch 14.7. Riot Games has decided to remove Rell from the jungle.

This is what lies behind it:

  • About a year ago, Riot Games tried to support Rell to establish in the jungle. But this experiment apparently turned out to be a flop.
  • Matt Leung-Harrison, one of LoL's main developers, explains X: Rell is only really strong for professional players
  • However, for most casual players it did not bring the desired results.

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Rell is banished from the jungle

Despite her popularity among professional players, Rell was rarely played in ranked games. Which suggests that it didn't work as well for the general public as the development team had initially hoped.

Matt Leung-Harrison writes:

Similar to Blitzcrank, we are happy to have conducted this experiment, but supporting them in a role (as a supporter) is how we will continue to sustain them.

Matt Leung-Harrison on X

What are the reasons? Rell would be strong among professionals, but among casual players she would have a low win rate in the jungle – 47.94% at all ranks according to below.

If you also look at the pick rate of Rell-Jungle at all ranks, you can see a rate of 0.4%. She is also not played that often as a supporter with a pick rate of 2.7%.

In professional games, however, she would dominate – as T1 supporter Keria has already proven, for example. It was often played by pro players, whether LCK, LCS or LEC. They were particularly popular as junglers. Her ability to deal almost triple damage to jungle mobs with her Q made her particularly effective.

This is what is now planned with Rell:

  • All monster mods will be removed by Rell
  • Magic resistance is reduced

How does the community react? The decision to remove Rell from the jungle has sparked some debate in the LoL community. Some players are disappointed.

We have summarized a few comments for you:

  • Desecrationx writes: Removing Rell from the jungle is a poor solution to this problem.(…)
  • RelliBean writes: You don't have to take Rell out of the jungle. It's nice to try to learn a second role if your champion can act in it.(…)
  • 12sort writes: Rell deserves to be a jungler. That's why it's better to nerf instead of kill.

When will the change come? Riot Games plans to introduce this change with the next patch (14.7). The patch is scheduled for April 2, 2024. There will also be other important adjustments, including the major rework of Skarner: The currently least popular champion is finally improved: “Like a damn horror movie monster”

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