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Russia will create its own console and operating system



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Shortly after the war between Ukraine and Russia began in 2022, multiple video game companies decided to eliminate support for their games and platforms in Russia, this as a way to protest against the actions committed by this country. Two years after these decisions, Vladimir Putin, president of this nation, has ordered the creation of his own console.

During a recent meeting on the socioeconomic development of Kaliningrad. Putin ordered the creation of a portable and home console, an operating system and a cloud-based store. Mikhail Mishustin, Prime Minister of Russia, was assigned to this project, and You have until June 15, 2024 to deliver a clear proposal to the government.

Last month, the Russian Organization for the Development of the Video Game Industry, RVI for its acronym in Russian, presented to the government a five-year roadmap that established an 83-point program for the development of video games in the country, included reestablishing relationships with several international gaming funds and organizations with ties to Russia. The RVI said that the creation of a complete home game console is planned for 2026-2027.

Putin's wish is, basically, have your own Steam and Steam Deck for the Russian public, something that sounds impossible. Kommersant, a video game outlet in Russia, spoke with industry figures, including the product director of Lesta Games, a prominent studio in this country, assures that it will take between five and 10 years to make this vision a reality, and once For this to happen, the hardware and software would be 15 years behind what the rest of the companies in the West and Japan are doing.

The creation of a video game console and ecosystem is not only a way to promote the national economy, but it would also solve the constant concern of pro-Western content in the hands of Russia's youthLet us remember that after the start of the war with Ukraine, 70% of the players in this country have used pirated software.

While Putin's proposal is not impossible, history has shown us that this type of hardware is usually abandoned. You just have to look at the Zeebo case, or any other piece that wants to compete against Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. On related topics, the PlayStation 5 continues to dominate in sales.

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Editor's Note:

This is a bad move on Russia's part. While I believe the government is capable of meeting its goals and creating a console and operating system, they will be a commercial failure. It is not taking into account everything that is needed to make this a success, nor the fact that many will not be willing to give up their Nintendo and Sony consoles.

Via: PC Gamer

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