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Ryan Reynolds only wanted to make Deadpool 3 if he could bring back an old colleague



Deadpool has seemed like Ryan Reynolds’ passion project since the first part. After all, he brought fan favorite Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman, on board for the third part. But Reynolds had one condition for Deadpool 3 and that was his preferred director.

Which director is it about? In an interview with Deadline, Shawn Levy, the director of Deadpool & Wolverinethat Ryan Reynolds would only do the latest film if he could get Levy to direct.

On the set of The Adam Projecta film the two made together, Reynolds is said to have asked him if he wanted to direct Deadpool 3, because he would only make the film with Levy as director.

I remember him saying: I know, I know, you’ll say no and I just said, I will not say no, I will definitely say yes. And that was before I knew we were getting the greatest gift for a Deadpool movie, Hugh Jackman.

Shawn Levy in an interview with Deadline

You can see the official trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine here:

Wolverine is back: Official trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine

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Reynolds and Levy are acquaintances

Where do you know Shawn Levy from? As he also mentions in the interview, Reynolds and Levy already know each other from previous films. One of them is the Netflix sci-fi film The Adam Project, but also the video game film FreeGuywhich was well received by many fans and critics. Levy has previously made many comedies. The most famous of these is probably the Night in the museum-Row.

But the director has also worked with Hugh Jackman. In the film Real Steel Jackman played the lead role.

In the interview, Levy also says that Jackman had already asked him in 2011 during the filming of Real Steel before Reynolds warned He told him that if he ever made a film with Reynolds, it would never end because once you work with him, you never want to stop.

In July it will be time and we can see how the two Superheroes against her new opponent. If you can’t get enough of Ryan Reynolds until then, you can currently watch a film by John Krasinski with him in the cinema: Director of “A Quiet Place” lets “Deadpool” play with imaginary friends in his new film

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