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Samsung cell phones surpass iPhones in sales




The world of cell phones is currently very disputed, because since the emergence of smartphones, two companies have taken themselves as the protagonists of a war to sell more products, that is neither more nor less than Samsung and its Galaxy against Manzana and its iPhone. And just a year ago, those from Apple managed to defeat the rival, but given this, the company that uses the operating system of Android He hasn't given up and they got their championship belt back.

According to what was reported, the S24 has managed to sell more than cell phones Manzana in February 2024, making them regain the lost achievement from a year ago in the same month. From what was mentioned, it helped a lot that supposedly the iPhone It is in decline for not adding something truly innovative. On the contrary, Samsung has interesting proposals and the Galaxy They add interesting options, whether in hardware or software with updates.

Among the data it is said that Samsung sold 19.69 million units of smartphones worldwide, according to figures from analysis firms, this is equivalent to 20% of the mobile market. The figure was more than enough to exceed the 18% market share achieved by the apple, that is, 17.41 million units sold. And it goes without saying, it has taken them to regain their position for a few months after being in second place.

With this it is clear that the Samsung Galaxy S24 has broken records, and that is because it has many features that are not so restrictive compared to Apple, this despite the fact that prices remain almost at par. However, they have also opted for the issue of artificial intelligence, which is why it lends itself to experiments that are quite popular among the public who are enthusiastic about new technologies.

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Editor's note: Something that has surely helped is that it is probably a little more accessible for the price, not so far away, but sometimes if someone can save a certain amount, they will undoubtedly take the cheapest one. It remains to be seen if the company will continue the streak or lose it in March and April.

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