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Save sick children or secure new anti-tank mines



In Helldivers 2 there is a new general order that is quite challenging. You have to liberate one of two planets. But the choice should be carefully considered.

What kind of general order is this? The new general order orders the Helldivers to liberate one of two planets. The players must choose between the planet Vernen Wells and Marfark.

  • On Vernen Wells, there is a distress signal from a hospital for very sick children. Freeing the planet would save the children.
  • An intercepted message from the robots revealed a large explosives cache on Marfark. Bringing the planet under Super-Earth control would most likely provide the crucial raw materials needed to deploy “MD-17 anti-tank mines.”

Only the first planet to be liberated will probably be able to be saved. The choice now lies with the Helldivers. They must decide for themselves whether to save the sick children or receive new anti-tank mines.

Here you can watch the trailer for the current Warbond “Viper Commandos” see:

Helldivers 2 sends you into the jungle with the new Warbond “Viper Commandos”

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The mines are not available for selection for the first time

What’s the deal with the mines? This is not the first time that the Helldivers have had the opportunity to secure the mines. At the end of April, the Helldivers had to choose between two planets. One planet offered the “RL-77 Airburst Rocket Launcher” and the other the “MD-17 Anti-Tank Mines.” Back then, the choice fell on the rocket launcher.

However, now that the mines are available to choose from again, the Helldivers on Reddit are already joking that it could become a running gag.

One user writes on Reddit: “At this point I would be laughing my head off if the constant failure/postponement of anti-tank mine stuff became some kind of running joke.”

On Reddit, rescuing the children is even referred to as a mystery box, since you don’t know what rewards there are. General opinion is very divided. However, a look at the distribution of players across the planets in the game paints a clearer picture.

What does the majority decide? As of 7:40 p.m. on June 11, 2024, there are over 33,000 players on the way to the planet Vernen Wells, while only just over 3,000 players are on the way to Marfark. The actual planets are still blocked because the Helldivers have not yet cleared a path to them.

The majority of Helldivers would rather save the sick children than secure the new anti-tank mines. Whether this decision will stick, however, remains to be seen.

If you want to join in rescuing the children or hunting for the new mines, you should pack the right equipment. The new Warbond “Viper Commandos” could be just the thing: “Helldivers 2 brings Rambo and modified mechs in the new update, but the community is eyeing another feature”

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