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Seriously ill woman shares with the community what ESO means to her, the reactions are heartwarming



A user on Reddit shared how the game The Elder Scrolls Online helps her despite a serious illness. The community responded with many words of support and helpful tips.

What does the woman share with the community? This is the user Jasmynrose29who reported in a post on Reddit about her serious illness and how The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO for short) helped her.

In her post, she explains that she has a serious genetic disease that ties her to her house or the hospital.

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Even if it’s only for a few minutes

How does ESO help the user? Especially when she has phases where she is not in the hospital, user Jasmyn is always happy to be able to log into ESO to immerse herself in another world. She is grateful to be able to escape to a world in which she has a capable body with which she can run, for example, even if it is only for a few minutes a day.

In summary, she tells the community in her post that she simply wanted to say “thank you” because the game has significantly improved her quality of life.

How does the community react? The users reacted to the post with many kind words for the creator. The user writes Radiant_Relations for example under her post on Reddit: I just want to say something positive. Stay strong. Many more such comments are lined up under her post.

Other users also give her tips on how to make ESO more pleasant, especially during times when she has to go to hospital. The user suggests AssassinWolf72 in a comment on Reddit that she could also play on a Steam Deck. This way she could easily enjoy the game there despite being in hospital.

The user reacts to many of the comments under her post, which seem to have visibly touched her. For example, she writes under a comment on Reddit that this warmed her heart.

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