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Shadow of the Erdtree has no more trophies




Shadow of the Erdtee, the long-awaited expansion of Elden Ring, It is now available. During the first hours of play, fans have not only realized the high difficulty present in the DLC, but the trophies, something that has marked recent generations, they are simply not present on this occasion.

That’s how it is, Shadow of the Erdtree does not have a single trophy. While this will take more than one by surprise, this is not something completely new. The expansions of Dark Souls and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice They also did not provide any new trophy for the players. The only FromSoftware title with something like this was The Old Hunterthe expansion of Bloodbornewhich seems like a PlayStation decision, and not the developers.

For many, trophies are not only a way to show off their dedication to a title, but also an aid that shows us our progress throughout the adventure. Without this element present, Players will have to use a guide or talk to friends to find out if they need to beat any bosses or something like that. This is not the end of the world, and many are even happy with this decision, since they only have to focus on the main experience, instead of being pressured to find or complete a certain challenge that may not be to their liking.

We remind you that Shadow of the Erdtree It is now available on all platforms. On related topics, you can check out our review of the expansion of Elden Ring here. Likewise, Hidetaka Miyazaki has revealed what his favorite FromSoftware game is.

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Author’s Note:

As someone who likes to collect platinums, it is somewhat disappointing that Shadow of the Erdtree It does not have trophies, but at the same time it is a lighter weight, and it allows all players to focus on the main experience, without some type of challenge or mandatory distraction for many.

Via: IGN

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