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Shadow of the Erdtree is the best expansion



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Although we are only a few days away from the official launch of Shadow of the Erdtreethe long-awaited expansion of Elden Ringreviews for this content are now available, and the initial reception is extremely positive, to the point that FromSoftware’s new content is already positioned as the highest-rated DLC in Metacritic history.

With 56 reviews for the PlayStation 5 version, Shadow of the Erdtree It currently has a rating of 95, just one point below what it achieved Elden Ring. With this score, FromSoftware’s expansion ranks as the thirty-sixth highest-rated game in Metacritic history.

The rating of 95 for Shadow of the Erdtree ranks this content above what you got Astorias of the Abyssthe expansion of Dark Soulsand which had the honor of being FromSoftware’s most successful DLC with a score of 89. In general ranks, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine It was previously considered the most successful DLC in historywith a rating of 92.

FromSoftware’s work deserves the recognition it has received, and virtually all of the perfect reviews this expansion has received make that clear. We remind you that Shadow of the Erdtree It will be available next June 21. On related topics, you can check out our review of this expansion here.

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Author’s Note:

Shadow of the Erdtree It does deserve the honor of being the best expansion in history, and one of the most striking content in recent years. FromSoftware’s work expands on everything we saw with Elden Ring, and presents us with some interesting details that everyone can appreciate.

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