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Shadow of the Erdtree Launch Trailer




We are just a few hours away from the official launch of Shadow of the Erdtree, the long-awaited expansion to Elden Ring. Thus, Bandai Namco has shared a new trailer to celebrate that this content will be available tomorrowJune 21.

Shadow of the Erdtree It is a complete expansion, which gives us the opportunity to explore a completely new region, fight more enemies, and expand our arsenal. The DLC is not free, since you need to pay $40 dollars to access this contentbut, as someone who has already played it, I can assure you that it is very worth it.


To enjoy Shadow of the Erdtree not only is it enough to pay for the expansion, since you need to advance substantially in the main adventure, and defeat two bosses in particular. Once you’ve done this, you can then begin your adventure in the Shadow Realm, something that will give you around 20 hours of additional content.


Remember, Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree It will be available next June 21 on all platforms. On related topics, you can check out our review of this expansion here. Likewise, this is already the most successful DLC in history.

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Shadow of the Erdtree It is a fantastic expansion that everyone should play. It’s more Elden Ring, but it also gives us the opportunity to explore a new facet of this expansion. Notably, Shadow Realm is a fantastic map that plays on the core concepts of The Lands Between.

Via: Bandai Namco.


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