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Should you slaughter your Pals?



Palworld's gameplay loop is largely the same as in all survival games: collecting, crafting, surviving. But you can't catch Pals infinitely and some resources only drop for them – so should you slaughter your Pals?

What do you catch Pals for? In Palworld, Pals are an elementary part of life and the game:

They serve as mounts on foot, in the water and in the air. They can also accompany you on your journey and be powerful aides in battle. If you place them in your base, they will also relieve you of the annoying resource grind.

All in all, Pals are the perfect companions for surviving in Palworld.

Palworld shows the little monsters in massive action in the early access trailer

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Slaughtering Pals – It can make sense

Why should you slaughter Pals? Unfortunately, there are certain items that you cannot obtain without killing Pals. For example, this involves the Pal organs and fluids. Here is a selection:

For example, Pal liquids are needed to build hot springs for your busy worker bees. Ice glands are an essential part of cooling your base.

If you follow a purely pacifist approach to the game, it will also be difficult to get the important legendary blueprints:

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Palworld: A player doesn't want to slaughter his Pals, but doing so might mean missing out on legendary blueprints

by Christoph Waldboth

Another problem is the maximum capacity of your Palbox: you can catch and store a total of 480 Pals across your three bases. That sounds like a lot, but since catching a Pal type multiple times is rewarded and there are a total of 113 individual Pals, you'll reach capacity limit by the mid-game at the latest.

So do Pals have to be killed or is there another way?

Can you get the Pal resources without killing? To obtain resources like Electro Glands, you must either defeat wild Pals or slaughter Pals in your base. Unfortunately there is no way around it.

After your victory, Wild Pals remain lifeless in the world and you can collect their drops in a relaxed manner. However, the defeated creatures have squiggly eyes like unconscious anime characters. This can be interpreted to mean that they are not dead, but just KO.

If you decide to decimate the population of your Palbox by force, you will need the meat cleaver. You can unlock this from level 12 in the technology tree and craft it with 5 iron bars, 5 stones and 20 wood.

The slaughtered Pals are really dead. Also make sure that no NPC is watching you here – otherwise they could put a bounty on your head.

Can you get legendary blueprints without dead pals? You also have the chance to get legendary blueprints from Alpha Pals if you capture the Pals – so there's no need to kill them. But if you're in a hurry or your Palbox is already full, you can still slaughter the Alpha Pals with the meat cleaver even after they've been caught. Even then, blueprints can still drop.

Alternatively, you can go on a treasure hunt: Legendary blueprints are also available in the chests scattered around the world.

How do I make space in my Palbox? As described above, you can equip the meat cleaver and slaughter your Pals. Alternatively, you can sell them to dealers – it doesn't matter whether they are stationary, traveling or black market dealers.

But if you don't want to kill or sell your creatures for their resources, you can still release them: get the affected Pal on the team and open your team overview. You can now drop it and then find a palsphere lying on the ground. If you leave it there, it will disappear after a while.

In the end, whether you kill your Pals is entirely up to you. Theoretically, there are ways to obtain most resources this way. How do you approach the problem? Do you leave a trail of unconscious pals behind you or do you regularly pull out the meat cleaver? We are looking forward to your comments.

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