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Showtime! and Rise of The Ronin




This week is important for the video game industry, given that three big releases are just around the corner, one from Capcom, another from Koei Tecmo and the last with Nintendo. And as usual, the press is testing all of them to give its verdict in the form of a review. Even magazines like the popular Famitsu from Japan have had the opportunity to announce their scores before the aforementioned embargo and two titles have already been rated by them.

First we talk about Princess Peach: Showtime!, which among the different editors has achieved an average of 8.5, this is because individually several have given it an 8, but it is saved a little because a couple of 9s appear among the score. This tells us that it can be considered a fairly fun game, but that it does not achieve excellence because it is not the aspiration it seeks. Nintendo Actually, it is a creation that can be considered size AA.

Then there is something total with Rise of The Roninadventure developed by Koei Tecmo and published as an exclusive for PlayStation 5. The scores agree that it will be a game of approximately 9.5, since you can see several nines and someone in particular decided that they wanted to give it a 10. For those who do not have it so much on the radar, it is an action game in the style Ninja Gaiden but with a more open map, the influences of previous works such as Nioh! and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Something that seems strange until now is that Dragon's Dogma 2 It has not yet received a score from the magazine, so it could be a longer experience than is thought, and that means that it could last until the moment when all the media also launch their review. It is stated to be much more ambitious than its predecessors, which is why fans of this franchise are excited to see a medieval-style RPG that lives up to expectations.

Remember that these video games are released on March 22 on their respective platforms.

Via: Nintendo Everything

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Editor's note: Buying three video games on the same day will be a titanic task for many users. However, there is also the option of waiting a little and buying one at a time on a monthly basis. Well, to begin with, there is not much time to play everything.

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