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Signs of life from Amazon Games! Great MMORPG hope coming in September



The people in charge at Amazon Games and NCSoft surprisingly announce the release date of the western version of Throne and Liberty! The MMORPG will actually be released in 2024 for PlayStation 5, Xbox and PC.

What did Amazon Games and NCSoft announce? The insiders at the South Korean business website MTN were right! According to an official press release, Throne and Liberty will be released on September 17, 2024 for PC, PS5 and Xbox, with a free2play model.


Before that, from July 18 to 23, 2024, an open beta phase will take place on PC and consoles – with crossplay enabled.

Here is the new trailer for Throne and Liberty, which went live parallel to the announcement:


Throne and Liberty: New trailer reveals release date, introduces the fantasy world Solisium


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Between hope and scepticism

What do I need to know about Throne and Liberty? T&L was originally announced as Lineage 3 or Lineage Eternal and was originally intended to use an isometric perspective, similar to Lost Ark. However, it was completely redesigned in 2017 to become a “true next-gen MMORPG”.

The new version is now intended to appeal to a broad target group. It offers action-packed battles in third-person view, removes annoying features such as autoplay and promises an interesting mix of PvE and PvP.


Here are the key features of the MMORPG:

  • Mass slaughter: Experience epic PvP and PvE battles, including dungeons and fortress sieges in a persistent open world of great expanse and variety.
  • Robust social life: Interactions in guilds and alliances are a major part of the game.
  • A dynamic, interactive environment: Day and night cycles have a strong impact on gameplay and unpredictable weather effects change gameplay, terrain and access points.
  • A fresh approach to exploration and movement: To move around as quickly as possible, players can transform into flying or swimming creatures – or even take on the form of a defeated boss to influence the outcome of a battle. Use grapple points to get onto platforms and gain an advantage in combat.
  • Fighting with two weapons: Personalize your play style by equipping a weapon in each hand, such as sword and shield, longbow, crossbow, greatsword, staff, daggers or wand and spellbook.

What has the community’s feedback been so far? A big focus of Throne and Liberty is on group content and PvP battles with lots of participants. Many players were impressed by how smooth the battles were. There were hardly any drops in the frame rate even with 1,000 or more participants.

Also praised is the flexibility of the class system, as you can freely change weapons and easily take on different roles, the large world, with its dynamic weather effects and day-night cycles, and the wide range of content.

Throne and Liberty has already been released in Korea, but initially failed to meet expectations. The team’s leadership then changed. Ahn Jong-ok is said to have resigned from his position. Executive Director Choi Moonyoung is now setting the direction and is thinking aloud about a mobile port.

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