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Silent Hill 2 remake classification emerges



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The remake of Silent Hill 2 is one of the most anticipated projects from Konami and Bloober Team. Although with each new look at the game it seems that the public's excitement diminishes, there are still those who want to get their hands on this title, something that could happen at any minute, since there is already an official classification for this installment.

According to Gematsu, the remake of Silent Hill 2 It already has an official registration in the South Korean classification system. Although no additional information is provided, this is an indication that the release of this title could happen at any time. Usually, documentation of this type is carried out a couple of months before the arrival of a game.

Let us remember that previous rumors indicated that Silent Hill 2 would be available in February 2024. As you probably already know, this did not happen, and at the moment there is no release date for the remake. However, in the last State of Play we did have a look at this work, which was not liked by the general public.

Given the negative response to this advance, Piotr Babieno, president of Bloober Team, pointed out that The material shown at State of Play was done by Konami, and does not represent the game they have been working on. In this way, many still hope that this title will be the long-awaited remake that gives new life to the series.

For now, We just have to wait for more information to become available.. On related topics, you can learn more about Piotr Babieno's statements here. Similarly, Silent Hill: Ascension makes a revelation that angers fans.

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Editor's Note:

Silent Hill fans are at what could be the beginning of a new golden era for the series. The Short Message was an entertaining experience that, despite its flaws, presents a positive future for the series. Likewise, projects such as Silent Hill: f They present instant ideas. If the remake of Silent Hill 2 is a success, then we can be sure that the next step for the franchise will be a good one.

Via: Gematsu

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