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Sony stops production of the PlayStation VR2



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In February of last year the PlayStation VR2, positioning itself as one of the best offers of this type on the market. Although its launch was not so striking, beyond Horizon: Call of the Mountain, many expected that throughout 2023 the catalog of exclusive games would grow. However, this did not happen, and A new report has revealed that Sony has completely stopped production of the PlayStation VR2.

According to a new report by Bloomberg, Sony has stopped production of the PlayStation VR2, because the units already produced have not been sold. The media's sources, who have remained anonymous, have indicated that, since its launch in February 2023, More than two million units of this virtual reality device have been produced. Now, this does not mean that this number of headsets are in the hands of users, but rather it is the number of units that have been produced and are available in stores.

PlayStation VR2 production has decreased every quarter, to the extent that more than half a million units were manufactured at its launch, but in the last quarter only a little more than 300 thousand were registered. In this regard, this is what Yijia Zhai, an analyst at Macquarie, commented:

“The high price of virtual reality hardware is the main obstacle to its expansion. Currently, there are a limited number of games that require VR devices, and that also causes a lack of motivation for gamers to purchase VR hardware. This limited content also has a reason: the development cost of virtual reality games is substantially higher than that of regular titles.”

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Beyond Horizon: Call of the MountainNo There is an exclusive first party from Sony that motivates users to buy a PlayStation VR2. Along with this, London Studio, a company that was dedicated to developing virtual reality games, closed its doors a couple of weeks ago, this as part of a series of massive layoffs throughout Sony Interactive Entertainment. However, it seems that all is not lost.

IDC, a company dedicated to market analysis, has pointed out that the Virtual reality will see substantial growth in the coming years, thanks to Apple Vision Pro. In this way, an increase of 31.5% year-on-year is expected between 2023 and 2028. Thus, the PlayStation VR2 could have a new look in the future.

While stopping production of this device can be seen as a negative, and it is, this does not mean that Sony has completely abandoned this market. Not only is there a chance we'll see more games for the PlayStation VR2 in the future, but it has been confirmed that there are plans to make this hardware compatible with PCsomething that would give an additional incentive to the public to buy this headset.

Let us remember that The PlayStation VR2 costs $550 dollars, while an HTC Vive is between $600 and $800, so Sony's offer is quite attractive in the market at the moment. We can only wait to see what the future of this hardware will be. On related topics, here you can learn more about PSVR2 compatibility with PC. Likewise, a new Metro game comes to this hardware.

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Editor's Note:

Virtual reality is a great technology, but it's not something for everyone. Beyond the money barrier, we must also consider that some people suffer from nausea and other problems. No matter how much of a PlayStation fan you are, if this device is a health hazard, it is very likely that many will not choose to purchase the hardware.

Via: Bloomberg

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