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Sony will apply a more aggressive strategy with PC releases




This week the PlayStation earnings meeting was held, in which interesting data was given such as console sales, as well as the part in which they mention that their exclusives from their own studios are going to take a long time to reach the current device. And given the positive response that has been received with Helldivers 2, It seems that the company already has plans for future launches, thus possibly removing the line that was already established in the development stage. Jim Ryan.

As mentioned by the provisional director of Sony Interactive Entertainment, They want the company to be more aggressive in terms of dual releases as it was with the game of Arrowhead Studios, and launch games that arrive on the same day for the current console and the computer. This is something that is serving them, so a similar decision could be reached with what happens in Xboxbut of course, they are not going to put it on a subscription service so that you miss the opportunity to sell complete copies.

Here is what was answered by Hiroki Totoki Regarding whether they have a plan to improve profit results:

Cost reduction in this console cycle is really difficult to achieve.

How can we, given the situation, combine our product lines to be affordable, without relying on deep discounts, to sell them reasonably and continue our business journey sustainably? Personally I think that is important and that there is an opportunity in it.

In the past, we wanted to popularize consoles, and the main goal of a first-party title was to make the console popular.

This is true, but there is a synergy in it, so if you have strong first-party content, not only on our console but also on other platforms, such as computers, a first-party game can grow with cross-platform. and that can help improve operating profits, so that's another aspect that we want to work on proactively.

Personally, I believe there are opportunities to improve margin, so I would like to be aggressive in improving our margin performance.

It was not said directly, but this means that the new plan will not consist of releasing games for the console and a year later for the PC, but now they could be launched at the same time to increase sales elsewhere. They are not necessarily your device in circulation. Of course, there is no way to know what will happen until another game is released that is under the yoke of the studios of PlayStation.

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Editor's note: If the average PlayStation consumer finds out that there will no longer be day-one exclusives for the console, they will have a heart attack. In my opinion, it is a good opportunity for more people to try these experiences and in some way make profits for the company.

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