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Sony works together with emulator creators



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The month of March has been relevant in the world of video games, as many disputes arose in which Nintendo became involved, starting with the issue of a lawsuit against Yuzu, a Switch emulator that was used to pirate novelty games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom and Metroid Dread. So they have basically eradicated them from the map, and although it may seem that other large publishers may be on the side of the Japanese company, it seems that some do the complete opposite.

Sony would be working together with the company Implicit Conversions, in which a former employee of Ubisoftand which is dedicated to supporting a graphics engine called Syrup. This serves as an emulator, since it allows old titles to run on current generation consoles, where it stands out PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switchalthough this is legally and without asking people for money to offer the most optimal build.

In addition, special engineering is used to avoid recurring copyright problems, which makes this task somewhat simpler, although it is for demonstration and non-commercial purposes, unless there are companies that want to launch their titles on the platforms and hire the service of Syrup. Calling Sony's attention to bring games PlayStation 2 to PS5and this would be almost direct but with slight improvements, this to no longer redo versions from scratch as in the case of some titles of Jak and Daxter.

This is not the first time this has happened with sonyso some games like Ape Escape 2 have been taken to Playstation 4 and that has been with the help of those who develop the emulators, but always thinking that it is a legal tool designed to work with the legitimate owners of the software. That is to say, Syrup is not going to be released publicly, although it also has the ability to run games of Xbox and Nintendo easily.

Via: Implicit Conversions

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Editor's note: This agrees with the information that had been released recently, in which there is talk of bringing the God of War trilogy in the form of a remaster. We will have to see what plans Sony has to return the classics to services like PS Plus, among others.

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