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Sorceresses are currently the strongest class in Diablo 4



The sorceresses are currently leading the points in the leaderboards in Diablo 4. This is mainly due to an item that increases damage enormously. You can find out what this is all about here on MeinMMO.

In Diablo 4's leaderboards, each class fights for the top spot. However, if you compare them with each other, you will see that the sorceresses have collected the most points. That was already the case in the first week of the Gauntlet (in German: test).


The top-ranked players in the Wizarding Rankings all play relatively similar builds. But what they all have in common is the combination of three items that cause enormous damage. One of the items, with its affixes, is perfect for passage through the Gauntlet, where speed and strategy are the focus.

You can find out more about the leaderboards in the video:


Diablo 4: The developers talk about the leaderboards and how you get there


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The Garb of the Infinite is perfect for the Gauntlet

What kind of item is this? It is the Garb of the Infinite chest protector, which increases your damage and allows you to pull enemies towards you after teleporting them and stun them.

In the Gauntlet dungeon, the chest protector specifically ensures that you have a speed boost with the teleport, allowing you to get through the pack of monsters more quickly in 8 minutes. You pull your opponents together, stun them at the same time, and then grill them with lightning. This combination ensures that sorceresses are incredibly strong.


The “robe of the infinite” has the following affixes:

  • + Intelligence
  • +Damage against nearby enemies
  • + Damage against stunned enemies
  • + Ranks for the passive skill “Glass Cannon”

Where is the best place to get the chest protector? You can currently farm the “Grobe of the Infinite” specifically from two bosses in Diablo 4 – Lord Zir and Varshan. To summon Varshan you need four materials (blackened femur, trembling hand, gurgling head and on WT4 a Vicious Heart), for Lord Zir you need exquisite blood.

You can see where you can find certain bosses for the Uniques in Diablo 4 here:


Which items are still suitable? If you look at the top-ranked players in the sorceresses rankings, you'll see that they don't just have the unique item “Grobe of the Infinite” in common. They also each wear the coveted Uber Unique “Harlequin Crown” and the Unique “Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Circlet.”

The harlequin crown is a head protection that is also called a “shako”. This corresponds to the name of the item type from Diablo 2, where the helmet comes from. What makes Shako so popular is the legendary effect, because: The helmet gives you damage reduction and +4 ranks for all abilities.


“Tal Rasha's Iridescent Circlet” is a unique item that, like the chest protector, you can farm from Varshan. The ring came back to Diablo 4 together with 4 others in Season 2. They are based on skills and mechanics that were introduced in the 1st season by the malicious hearts.

The ring increases non-physical damage, lucky strike chance, resource generation, and cooldown response. Additionally, you gain increased damage for a few seconds for each type of elemental damage you deal.


Which builds do the top-ranked players play? Several players at the top of the Solo Wizard rankings are combining the Electric Whip build with other skills, such as the Blizzard build, which is currently the best boss killer for Wizards in Season 3.

The first place player in normal mode plays the following skills:

  • Blizzard
  • Unstable flow
  • Lightning Spear
  • Flame Shield
  • Ice armor
  • Teleportation

Other players use Frostbolt, for example. The reason is that with the different elements they can create more stacks of Tal Rasha's Ring. That's why the Gauntlet builds differ a little from the top builds for the rest of the endgame.

The Blizzard build is one of the top builds in the endgame of Diablo 4 in Season 3. The builds at the top of the tier list prove themselves either through massive damage, their usefulness or, above all, their effectiveness against heavy enemies. Here you can find the tier list with the best builds in the endgame of Diablo 4.

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