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Square Enix game stops working due to leap day |




Today is a special day in general, because we are celebrating the leap year, and that means that the month of February expands one more day, this time having 29 as an additional number, and although it only passes four years, it seems that it is enjoyable or something similar. However, this can cause inconsistencies for certain software programs, and it has just happened with an error that has been related to a certain video game that was released last year by Square Enix.

Players have reported having problems with Theatrhythm Final Bar Line, specifically this day, and people have tried to connect to the servers to be able to play online, but no matter how hard they try, it is impossible. This does not matter on the platform being played, either Nintendo Switch, PS4 or PC. This draws attention, because perhaps the program detects an incorrect algorithm with the console or computer calendar, and it is not very common to have February 29 present.

Here is a screen shared by users:

What is most striking is that the problem has a simple solution, that is to move one day forward or backward in the console calendar, and that will allow users to log in normally. Which by the way, is a rhythm delivery starring the most iconic songs in the world of final fantasybut which also adds other properties of square enix through DLC content, including Chrono Trigger, The World Ends With You, SaGa, among others that users have lost in rhythm format.

It is possible that at the moment there is no solution to play it with the correct schedule, something that will surely be corrected soon. Remember that Theatrhythm Final Bar Line Is available in PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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Editor's note: It is very rare that these types of incidents occur, but also curious that Square Enix did not take into account that it was being launched close to a leap year. Hopefully with updates this will be left behind, although we will only see if they fix it until 2028.

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