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Squid Game actor convicted of sexual harassment




The world of Hollywood and therefore of the people who have become global icons is a thread of controversies that will not end, because once people become famous anything relevant for better or worse will be made known through Of the media. That happened recently with an actor who comes from the famous Netflix series, THE Squid Gamewho has been seriously accused of a matter that can be considered quite serious.

A few days ago, Or Yeong-su, Korean actor who participated in this project was found guilty of sexual misconduct, following an accusation that was filed since the 2022. The 79-year-old man is accused of behaving inappropriately with a young actress in 2017, including hugging her, kissing her on the cheek and holding her hand, acts with which the girl never agreed, according to what was mentioned by the court.


What he will now have to serve as a sentence is eight months of detention, and take sexual violence classes that cover just over 40 hours. The girl had initially received therapy for this trauma caused by the events, but she wanted to proceed further because at no time did she receive any apologies from the actor. So, she continued with the lawsuit until finally enough evidence was found to sanction O.

Let us remember that his role was that of the number one player in the first season of the show, which rose in popularity like wildfire, and that even led him to win a golden globe. However, with the case that has arisen, it will be difficult to think if there is a way for him to return in the second season of this very popular series.


Remember that The Squid Game Is available in Netflix.

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Editor's note: It is very sad that this type of news occurs in relation to those who are thought to be exemplary people, but controversies with the world of acting will never be lacking. Then, the man must comply with everything that the law has sanctioned him.


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