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Star Wars: BCC uses the work of a modder



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As you will remember, Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection, a package that includes the original titles that many love, is a disaster. Not only have the few servers and constant glitches completely ruined the public interest, It recently became known that a modder has accused Aspyr, the developers, of using his work without his permission.

Prior to the launch of this collection, Iamashaymin, a renowned modder, pointed out that the reveal trailer for Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection seemed to use one of their mods. At the time, Aspyr revealed that they mistakenly used Iamashaymin's mod for promotional material, but in the final release we would not see his work. However, this has been found not to be the case.

According to IGN, The code prior to the last patch of the title had the work of Iamashaymin, which was never consulted or accredited. Specifically, it has been mentioned that the character of Asajj Ventress has the mod that has attracted so much attention in recent days.

While the game's most recent update removed the Iamashaymin mod, this makes it clear that Aspyr used other people's work without any sort of accreditation, permission, or forgiveness. Until now, the company has avoided this topic whenever possibleand it is unknown if the original code had other mods.

This is just one of the many issues that have ruined the experience for many players, and for the moment it is unknown if Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection will become the package that was promised. On related topics, you can learn about the errors that plague this title here.

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Editor's Note:

It's one thing to release a buggy game, it's another to use someone's work. While we are talking about a mod, so it is likely that there is no correct legal action on this occasion, this does not detract from the fact that Aspyr took a job without permission and credited it to themselves, although there is no longer a trace from this.

Via: IGN

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