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Star Wars Jedi 3 is already in development



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Yesterday, EA joined an unfortunate trend for the video game industry, as it announced the layoff of 5% of its workforce, as well as the cancellation of multiple projects. Yet even in the darkness there is a ray of light, since it has been confirmed that a third installment in the Star Wars Jedi series.

Through an official statement from Laura Miele, president of EA Entertainment and Technology, it has been confirmed that the company made the decision to discard multiple projects, in order to focus entirely on profitable properties and franchises. Thus, It was confirmed that we will see Cal Kestis again in a third adventure in the world of Star Wars. This is what was said about it:

“Respawn's unique ability to connect with players and create exceptional gaming experiences is unrivaled in entertainment. As we've looked at Respawn's portfolio over the past few months, what's clear is that the games our players are most excited about are Jedi and Respawn's rich library of own brands. Knowing this, we have decided to move away from the initial development of a Star Wars FPS action game to focus our efforts on new projects based on our own brands while also providing support for existing games.”

Unfortunately, it was also revealed that a Star Wars FPS game by Respawn has been canceled. Although no details have been provided, everything seems to indicate that it is the project of The Mandalorian which was announced a couple of weeks ago, something that has disappointed more than one person in the last few hours.

Let's remember that Respawn rose to fame for titles like titanfall and Apex Legends, FPS with a big emphasis on mobility, so it was a big surprise to hear that this team would be in charge of a Star Wars game focused on exploration and with combat similar to that of Dark Souls. Fortunately, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order It was a huge success, selling more than 10 million units, which led to a very well-received sequel.

Now, at the moment, there is not much information about Star Wars Jedi 3 such as its release date, platforms, and story. However, it will be interesting to see how this project progresses, since Stig Asmussen, who directed the first two installments, left EA in September 2023. We can only wait to have the answers to our doubts.

Remember, Star Wars Jedi 3 is already in development, and it is very likely that it will arrive at the end of this generation. On related topics, you can learn more about EA's layoffs here. Likewise, this is the Star Wars game that was cancelled.

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Editor's Note:

While I'm glad that a third Star Wars Jedi installment is in development, I'm saddened that the FPS of The Mandalorian is no longer in production. This makes it clear that the big companies in the industry, like EA, are no longer willing to take as many risks when it comes to an AAA production.

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