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Steam: A new survival game is the big competitor to Valheim



ASKA, the new survival game that was released today in Early Access on Steam, transports players into the world of the Vikings. As a tribal leader, you build a village, explore the surrounding area and face challenging enemies.

What game is it? This is the new survival game ASKA, which was released today, June 20th, in Early Access on Steam. Even before its release, many players considered the game to be a competitor to Valheim, as it was supposed to offer more features.

The game was originally scheduled to be released one year after its announcement in 2022, namely in 2023. However, the game suffered delays and has only now been released in Early Access.

You can see the early access trailer for the game here:

ASKA: The early access trailer for the new survival game on Steam

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Build a new village as a tribal leader

What is the game about? ASKA is a survival game that takes you into the world of the Vikings. You take on the role of a tribal leader who builds and manages a self-sufficient village from scratch. NPCs will assist you in your task, and you must lead and organize them so that they work effectively and survive in battle.

You explore a dynamically generated world, discover hidden caves and collect vital resources. All the while, you face the challenges of changing seasons and fight against mystical enemies.

Why is the game compared to Valheim? What will remind many players of Valheim is the look and feel of the game, which is very reminiscent of the extremely successful survival hit. Just like in Valheim, ASKA seems to have powerful bosses that need to be defeated, and you can do this with up to 3 friends.

However, ASKA is clearly different from Valheim in one respect: your main goal is to build your tribe.

Our survival expert Benedict has already been able to play ASKA. He lost against the first boss when he actually only wanted to build his village. You can read how this happened here: I lost against the first boss in a new survival game on Steam – I just wanted to build a Viking village

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