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Stellar Blade could be censored in the future



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Stellar Blade Not only has it gained a high level of recognition for being one of the great releases to come from South Korea, and offering a top-notch hack and slash combat system, but the design of its main character, EVE, as well as its sexualization , have earned the attention of millions of fans. However, This last point could be eliminated in the future, since the team has sold its shares.

According to a new report, Shift Up, the team behind Stellar Blade, has sold its shares for $2.3 billion dollars to Aceville, a subsidiary of Tencent. Although with this they reach a higher level in the market, this also means that the studio's decisions now have to take shareholders into consideration.


Although Kim Hyung Tae, director of Shift Up, is the majority shareholder and will have the final say in the studio's decisions, having someone like Tencent at the shareholder table could cause a series of conflicts. Let us remember that the Chinese company usually censors many of its products in order to reach the largest number of people worldwide..

Although everything seems to indicate that Stellar Blade will reach the market without any type of censorship, nothing assures us that this will change in the future, or that even the studio's next games will already have some type of interference by Tencent to ensure the greatest amount of profits. We can only wait to see what will happen with Shift Up.


We remind you that Stellar Blade It will arrive on PlayStation 5 on April 26, 2024. On related topics, a demo of this game is leaked. Likewise, the developers accept the sexualization of their protagonist.

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Editor's Note:


Regardless of whether it is good or bad, the sexualization of EVE has become part of the identity of Stellar Blade, and eliminating this aspect could have a series of repercussions that affect the studio's reputation. It is something that could even have consequences in future projects.

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