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Stellar Blade's possible duration mentioned




Last week we had a new look at Stellar Blade, a game that seems to resume the action part of three-dimensional classics, and that had already been delayed for a long time until the release date for the coming months was finally revealed to us. And now that they have all the information in mind, fans are wondering how long the story will be, and if it will provide them with a lot of entertainment, or if it will be a type of experience that is somewhat more ephemeral than thought.

The media has had new interviews with the development team in Shift Upspecifically with the general director of the company, Kim Hyeong-taeand the technical director, Lee Dong-gi. Where among the doubts there is talk of the delayed launch of the game that was expected for the 2023, but in the end it had setbacks. But what they had the most doubts about is the duration of the video game, with an answer that can relieve both those who only want to complete the story as well as completionists.

Here what was mentioned:

It is not that defects were discovered during the inspection process, but rather that the release was delayed due to the polishing process. Playtime is expected to be around 25 hours for the main story and 30-50 hours if you include all the collection items.

That's right, the answer leads us to the fact that it will take around 25 hours to watch the narrative and it will be twice as long for users to get the platinum on their console. PlayStation 5. This is a standard time in games of this type, since similar games like Bayonetta They usually have this duration. If it were an open world, the complaints could be different, but apparently things are going to remain balanced with polished gameplay that we can see in the latest trailer from last week.

Remember that Stellar Blade he arrives April 26, 2024 for PS5.

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Editor's note: Many should have this release under the radar, given that it promises a lot in terms of gameplay and the graphic level, since from what we see in the videos, the potential of PS5 is finally being unleashed. I hope that with this launch other companies finally make the jump fully to the current generation and are not limited to the previous PS4 and Xbox One.

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