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Steve Jobs made Apple so successful because he listened to his father’s simple advice



Steve Jobs is considered one of the most important people at Apple. One tip from his father in particular influenced his work for years.

Parents can have a great influence on their children. Paul Jobs, Steve Jobs’ father, also had a great influence on his son. Steve Jobs took a simple piece of advice to heart and used it to develop many of the company’s products. He also saved Apple from bankruptcy with his ideas.

A product must look good from all sides

What was the father’s advice? Father Paul was teaching his son how to build a fence around their home in Mountain View, California. He told his son Steve at the time (via

You need to make the back of the fence, which no one will see, look just as good as the front of the fence. Even if no one will see it, you will know, and that will show that you are committed to making something perfect.

And Steve Jobs stuck rigidly to this quality standard when developing his own company.

Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs’ biographer, explained in an interview that Jobs always made sure that every detail was of the highest quality. Isaacson says: “He insisted that the insides of the microchips looked beautiful and that every screw had an expensive coating.”

An anecdote about Jobs also shows how important his father’s words were to him. Steve Jobs once said, in reference to his father’s words: “If you’re a carpenter building a beautiful dresser, you won’t use a piece of plywood on the back, even if it’s facing the wall.”

More about Steve Jobs: In January 2010, Steve Jobs introduced the iPad. He declared that this was the future and that this was the post-PC era. But he was wrong, because computers are still very much in vogue. In addition, the iPad now also looks like a notebook:

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