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Story trailer for the new Avatar game




Currently the franchise of Avatar is taking a new direction, since in a short time both new animated series and a movie that will reunite the legendary team of the saga of Nickelodeon, we also can’t forget the Netflix show that arrived this year. For that reason, fame cannot fade and thus we will have Avatar Legends: Realms Collidea brand new game with hints of resource management and RPG combat.

Surprisingly, a new trailer for it has been released, in which we can see a little of the story, which involves a new enemy to defeat by Aaang, the chosen airbender who remained the only one of his kind after the disaster with the country of fire. Within the video you can see animations similar to those of the series, including the appearance of Korraa character that is placed many years in the future.

Here you can see it:

The game description:

The trailer showcases various characters from across the Avatar universe, including Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, and the Avatar comics and novels. Check it out to see Korra, Aang, and others, along with the reveal of Father Glowworm, a dark spirit first introduced in the novel The Rise of Kyoshi.

In Avatar Legends: Realms Collide, characters from the Avatar universe unite in a battle to restore balance and harmony to a world threatened by a dangerous cult dedicated to Father Glowworm, a dark entity from the Spirit World.

For now there is no confirmed release date, only that it will arrive on the platforms of Android and iOS.

Via: IGN

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Author’s note: There have been many failed attempts at launching Avatar games, and I don’t think this one is the exception. You need a studio that has a good idea to translate into consoles and PC.

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