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Streamers accept the developers’ challenge



Pax Dei is known for its colorful mix of the best elements from survival and MMORPG in a sandbox. Now the developers have challenged streamers to get the most out of the game – and they’ve succeeded.

How did the fortress come about? The so-called “Preview” week took place in Pax Dei from June 7th to 12th, 2024. Streamers and some of the viewers had the opportunity to try out the game.

To keep the players busy, the developers gave them 4 challenges. On the Discord they name the challenges as follows:

  • The Great Expedition: Explore Pax Dei and hunt specific creatures.
  • Gallic Herbarium: Collect a list of resources scattered throughout Gallia.
  • Para Bellum: Gear up for battle, defeat some names and enter the PvP zone – at your own risk.
  • Villa Extravaganza: Build the most beautiful house, village or castle with your clan.

The “Villa Extravaganza” challenge is probably the most exciting. In just five days, the streamers and their followers will have to show how well they can build in Pax Dei. The best buildings have now been chosen and the results are impressive.

Here you can find out everything you need to know about Pax Dei:

What is Pax Dei, the new sandbox MMO with the unique zoom feature?

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Much achieved despite short time

How did the challenge end? The “Villa Extravaganza” challenge probably exceeded the developers’ expectations, because instead of one winner, they chose four winners.

The four winners and their submissions were shared on Discord along with four other honorable mentions. We’ll show you what the players built:

  • Calek (via and the Lynnwood Clan built a town.
  • Nina96 (via and her friends built a small, cozy hamlet that would probably quickly become a guest favorite on Airbnb today.
  • SpaceGoatOne (via set up a small space to celebrate together.
  • Dobrodziej (via built a huge fortress on a mountain.

The challenge was not only the building and the creative implementation of the ideas, but also that the materials had to be farmed before you could build.

What about Pax Dei? The MMORPG Pax Dei will soon be entering Early Access on Steam. Since June 4, 2024, you can secure various founder’s packages to play the Early Access version without restrictions. The more money you spend, the more character slots, building plots and exclusive recipes you will receive.

However, the founder’s packages only give you full access to the game during the early access phase, as the developers mentioned in an interview with MeinMMO editor Karsten Scholz. The early access is supposed to last at least a year and make the game even better. Pax Dei: Developers on early access, preview week, founder’s packages and the criticism from the alpha

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