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Strong model with great gaming functions now cheaper than ever



A 55-inch TV with decent features and gaming functions is now on offer at Amazon. The 65 inch version is also cheaper.

If you are looking for a new TV and want to save cleverly, you can now find the best deal on Amazon. A 55-inch television from TCL is currently cheaper than ever before. There are also other sizes to choose from.

Buy a 55 inch TV on Amazon now

The deal at a glance:


  • Different sizes
  • 4K & HDR
  • Gaming features
  • HDMI 2.1 & 144Hz
  • Strong value for money

  • Partially confusing user interface
  • Black levels just ok
  • SD upscaling with weaknesses

To the offer on Amazon

55 inch TV on Amazon offer

Great facilities: TCL's TV offers pretty much everything you could want from a TV in 2024. It has a 4K resolution, the Google user interface (Android TV 11) gives you access to pretty much every streaming service and all media libraries and the picture is excellent. Film fans are also happy Dolby Vision, Atmos and HDR.

Perfect for gamers: The model also cuts a really good figure when gaming. Thanks to HDMI 2.1 and 144Hz, the television is a good choice for your PS5 or Xbox Series X/S. This way you can get the full performance out of your consoles. The TV promises a short response time and fast images. You can also adapt the software to your needs.

55 inch tv offer amazon gaming
The TV is perfect for gamers!

Cheaper than ever: The 55 inch television currently only costs €569 on Amazon. Shipping is free. An extremely good price for a model with this equipment.

A look at the price comparison shows how good the price actually is. The model has never been as affordable as it is now. The previous record is €619 and is clearly undercut.

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Which TV size is the right one?

As with most questions, there is no definitive answer to this one. Which TV size is right for you depends on your preferences and the space available. If you want to set up a small home cinema, it can be a large picture. Always remember that the TV is a large black area when it is switched off. This can be quite disturbing in a small room where you spend a lot of time.

Basically, it can be said that you should always keep a certain distance from the screen in order to get a nice picture. The following distances are a good guideline:

55 inches 1.7m distance
65 inches 2 m distance
75 inches 2.3 m distance
85 inches 2.6 m distance

If you're looking for a larger TV than the one featured, you're in luck. The same model is also available on Amazon with 65 inches and 75 inches.

Buy a 65 inch TV for €769

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