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Suicide Squad has fewer players than Avengers



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On February 2nd, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League finally had its official launch, and it seems that Rocksteady's new game was not the success expected on its first day on the market, at least on PC. Thanks to a comparison, we now know that This title debuted with fewer players on Steam than Marvel's Avengers at the time.

According to SteamDB, which focuses on collecting information related to the Valve store, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League debuted with 13,459 on its first day. Compared, Marvel's Avengers It managed to captivate 29,916 in its first 24 hours on the market officially. This means that Rocksteady's work had less than half as many people.

It's important to mention that both titles offered an early access period where players could pay for a special version of the game to enjoy before the full release. Along with this, let us remember that during this period, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League presented a severe bug that caused the servers to be suspended during the first hours of its early access.

Both titles are games as a service that take on well-known characters such as Marvel and DC. Similarly, Both titles present a series of good ideas and mechanics that are ruined by repetitive elements and a focus on squeezing every penny possible out of the player. Like Marvel's Avengers, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League You'll get free updates that add more content, but all cosmetic items will come at a cost.

After its launch, Marvel's Avengers It enjoyed a standard of just one thousand players on Steam month after month. Thus, The possibility that the same could happen with is not ruled out. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Part of the poor debut of Rocksteady's new work is due to all the controversies surrounding this title, such as the handling of Batman, something that has not been liked by players, especially those who enjoyed the Arkham titles.

Although it is still too early to pronounce this title dead, its start was surely below what Warner Bros. Games expected. For its part, Rocksteady has indicated that it plans to continue supporting Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice LeagueIn March, updates will begin to arrive, which include new characters, such as an alternate version of Joker, and more missions that expand the story.

Let us remember that the same thing happened with Marvel's Avengers, which enjoyed two years of free updates and story expansions. However, last year this title was removed from digital stores, and currently the only way to enjoy Crystal Dynamics' work is through a physical copy, but eventually the servers will come to an end, and this title will be impossible to play, destiny that I could well share with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League in the future.

We can only wait and see what will happen with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League in the coming months. On related topics, the ending of this game was leaked days before its official launch. Likewise, this is how Rocksteady apologized for the errors of its servers.

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Editor's Note:

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League It is a game that has good bases and mechanics for each character. However, it's all the gaming-as-a-service elements that ruin the experience. Some people will most likely manage to have fun, but not in any substantial way, which is disappointing, and a sign that everyone will eventually forget about this title.

Via: PCGamesN

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