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To this day, the Nintendo Switch 2 rumors have not stopped growing, and that is because the company has not given comments on the evolution of the hardware, a mystery that will presumably continue until next year, given that there will be no device. new to buy in 2024. This means that now information will continue to come out from insiders, who indicate what type of technology the following controls will have, and from what has been said it will be something continuous with what we already have.

According to what has been said, the company Immersion, who create haptic technology for controllers, are renewing a licensing deal with the big N, so it is possible that they will continue working with the company in question for quite some time to continue creating these add-ons. That means having HD vibration will be necessary for the next console, although the design could change slightly in relation to the size of the possible screen, unless they no longer go the hybrid route.

For their part, it is possible that they are making the agreement because they will continue to sell units of the conventional Switch, since it has been said that there will be backward compatibility, and that means that many people could stay in the previous generation because it does not have such a high cost. Furthermore, we cannot forget the supposed initial price of the new device, which would be $399 USD, which in our region can mean a little more than $10,000 pesos due to the sure demand it will have in stores.

Here is a more detailed explanation of the Joy-Con functions:

The Joy-Con are the main controllers of the Nintendo Switch console. These are small wireless controllers that can be used individually or attached to the sides of the console in handheld mode, or in a special accessory called the Joy-Con Grip to use them as a more traditional controller.

They are equipped with a vibration system called “HD Rumble”, which provides more precise and detailed haptic feedback than traditional vibration. They also include gyroscopic sensors and accelerometers that detect movements and gestures, adding an additional layer of interactivity to games.

At the moment, there is no official information on nintendo switch 2.

Via: My Nintendo News

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Editor's note: I feel that rumors should stop circulating, because then when things are denied people tend to get upset with the informants. For this reason, it would be interesting if next summer they tell us what plans they have for the new generation of Nintendo.

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