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Target puts the Xbox 360 on sale once again



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Almost 20 years have passed since the launch of the Xbox 360. Microsoft's second piece of hardware managed to position the company as one of the great competitors in the console war. Titles like Halo 3, Gears of War, Viva Piñata and many more exclusives marked an entire generation. Now, It has been revealed that Target will once again put the Xbox 360 on sale, although not in the way many expect.

An advertisement from Target, a store in the United States, has become popular on social networks, where it is mentioned that The Xbox 360 will be on sale for only $99.99. While this information took more than one person by surprise, this is not the hardware that we all know, but rather a construction set by Mega Construx, LEGO's competition.

To the surprise of many, Mega Construx and Microsoft have a collaboration that has given us multiple Halo sets, and In October of last year we were presented with an Xbox 360 package that includes the console, a controller and a copy of Halo 3. All of these products have to be built. However, they are a great collector's item that fans of the company should have in their homes.

This is not a new concept, since LEGO already did this with the Atari 2600 and the NES. This is a very interesting trend that, hopefully, more companies will carry out in the future. On related topics, LEGO Mario Kart is a reality. Likewise, this is how LEGO celebrated Batman's anniversary.

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Editor's Note:

It would be interesting to see PlayStation collaborate with LEGO to offer us a set of the original PlayStation. This way, we would have a pretty impressive collection. We only have to see if this Mega Construx set manages to sell more units than the Xbox Series X|S.

Via: Wario64

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