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Tarisland is live – who should definitely play it and who is the MMORPG not for?



Today, June 21, 2024, Tarisland, the biggest MMORPG for the PC since Lost Ark, was released. But who might Tencent’s online role-playing game be for? Who might not enjoy the trip into the fantasy world? MeinMMO tells you which buttons the game pushes and what it doesn’t offer.

The time has come! Today, June 21, 2024, Tarisland, the biggest MMORPG for PC since Lost Ark, was released. You can access the European servers since 9:00 a.m. For more information about the launch, check out here: Tarisland: Everything you need to know about release, classes, pre-download, system requirements, console, free to play.

But who is the download and installation actually worth it for? Who is Tarisland aimed at? Who can have fun with the MMORPG? Who probably won’t? Based on our impressions from the various tests and the Chinese version that has already been released, we’ll tell you who might like the game from Level Infinite and Tencent.

The cinematic trailer for the launch of Tarisland:

Tarisland: Trailer for the global launch shows cinematic class action

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Give Tarisland a chance if you…

  • you just want to start playing a newly released MMORPG together with other genre fans.
  • places a great focus on PvE content such as quests, dungeons and raids.
  • looking for a new MMORPG with free access for PC.
  • finds the option of being able to experience the game on both your PC and your mobile device exciting.
  • have had a lot of fun with WoW in the past and are now looking for an alternative that has been inspired by the Blizzard MMORPG in many ways.
  • Prefers to experience PvP in instanced areas such as arenas and battlegrounds, enjoys climbing PvP ranks, and prefers that everyone’s gear is equalized in PvP content.
  • finds the mix of tab targeting and yet comparatively action-packed combat exciting.

You can ignore Tarisland if you…

  • powerful combat systems like that of Black Desert.
  • like a classic tab targeting system like in WoW and FFXIV, with multiple packed skill bars.
  • looking for a new MMORPG with a strong sandbox or PvP focus.
  • when faced with generic fantasy worlds by Asian developers that are presented in colorful graphics.
  • also looking for a captivating story, excitingly written quests and well-drawn characters in MMORPGs.
  • you have a headache at the thought of free2play models with in-game shops, tons of currencies and real money components.
  • MMORPGs are best experienced with the controller on the console.

Tips and advice for getting started

If you want to give it a try, you will find some tips and recommendations below, as well as an overview of the nine classes, to ensure your start in Tarisland is as smooth as possible.

MeinMMO author Cedric Holmeier has already played the Chinese release version of Tarisland and had his first impressions from the previous test phase confirmed. The MMORPG is being released for PC and mobile devices at the same time, but the developers’ focus is clearly on the gaming experience on the PC. This is different from many other MMORPGs for PC and mobile.

In addition, Cedric never had the feeling that he was failing in a group challenge because his teammates were sitting in front of their smartphones and couldn’t get anything done. You can read his complete impressions here: Tarisland is neither a WoW clone nor a mobile game, it is the next big MMORPG

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