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Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown demo available




Racing games have little room to experiment outside their genre, but one title in particular plans to challenge its conventions. This is the case of Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crownwhich is not only a racing game, but also an MMO, of which you can now play its demo.

That’s right, the Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown demo is now available on Steam and, in addition to giving us the opportunity to test a little more about its systems and play style, it has been revealed that the MMO map is larger than seen in Red Dead Redemption 2, something that has caught the attention of more than one person. This is the description of this game:


“TDUSC is a social and lifestyle experience that redefines open-world racing games. Explore a faithfully reproduced Hong Kong island. Hit the road behind the wheel of exceptional cars and live the ultimate life of luxury.”

At this time you can download the demo for free. Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, which will be available on Steam until June 17. To give us an idea of ​​the scale of the project, This look includes nine of the 14 districts to explore, 27 races, 25 missions to complete and 16 cars to unlock in our game.

When the final version is available, the developers ensure that all those who want to explore Hong Kong Island by car will be able to do so in a unique way. Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown It will arrive next September 12 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC. On related topics, AstroBot It was the most popular game of the summer events. Likewise, here you can check our impressions of the demo of Metal Slug Tactics.


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Author’s Note:

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown looks interesting. It’s not an experience that immediately appeals to me, but it’s still an interesting project that anyone interested in racing games or MMOs should check out.


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