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“That’s the only way I can play the game”



In League of Legends there are some champions who have to take a lot of criticism. A player has now revealed why one of the most unpopular supporters is indispensable for him.

Which champion are we talking about? In League of Legends, in addition to Teemo, there is another character who continually attracts the displeasure of many players: the support cat Yuumi. She has received considerable criticism since her release in 2019, with some even wishing she would disappear from the game entirely.

What is being criticized? The most common criticisms on Reddit about Yuumi are that her play style is too passive and boring is perceived: It relies on its allies and does not act independently enough for many people.

Some ADCs also have the feeling that they are alone in the botlane and Yuumi has no noticeable influence on the game.

Are there other voices too? On the other hand, there are also players who love and appreciate Yuumi. But amidst the discussions there is also a crucial voice that is often overlooked: that of the players who play Yuumi in order to be able to take part in the game. A player commented on this.

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Why Yuumi plays an important role for some players

What does the player say? kmcaulifflower says in an anti-Yuumi thread on Reddit that he plays Yuumi because he is unable to participate in the game due to illness. The pinning mechanic allows him to enjoy the game with his friends.

Although he understands the criticism of Yuumi, he emphasizes the importance of her presence in the game, as it allows players like him to participate in the game at all. He emphasizes that his mental impairment primarily affects memory, concentration and delayed reactions.

kmcaulifflower writes:

Gaming is one of the last hobbies I have left from before my illness, because everything else is either too complex or too physically active for me to do safely or at all.

kmcaulifflower on Reddit

Why is Yuumi suitable? Yuumi is the only champion who can attach himself to his allies and act from them. This allows her to heal, buff, and deal damage while remaining mostly safe as long as her ally is still alive and she is not interrupted during her jump to another.

With Yuumi you have to walk very little, if at all. kmcaulifflower says: The pinning mechanic gives me the option to rest my right hand from clicking, but I go down to apply pressure depending on the opponent's ADC/support combo.(…)

How do other players react to this? The Reddit community expresses their support for the Yuumi player through upvotes and comments.

Some players show understanding for his situation and encourage him to enjoy the game. Others explain that they had never thought about the aspect before. We have summarized a few comments for you:

  • DefinitelyPositive writes: (…) I'm glad Yuumi lets you play LoL with your friends.(…)
  • South-Ad7071 writes: I actually never thought about that. I'm also against removing Yuumi now.
  • Square-Paper8820 writes: Good thing. People seem to forget that not all people are the same.

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