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The 7 most legendary fights in Naruto



The anime Naruto and its sequel Naruto Shippuden feature many battles to remember. MeinMMO shows you 7 of the most legendary fights in cult Shonen.

How was it selected? The fights mainly relate to the depiction in the anime and its implementation. In order to guarantee a certain level of diversity, an attempt is made to list as many characters and their iconic fights as possible. It's also about both Naruto and Naruto Shippuden.

If your favorite fights are not on this list, please write them to us in the comments. This list is not a ranking of the individual fights, but rather a list chronologically related to the series. You can find a list of the strongest characters here: Naruto Shippuden: The 6 strongest characters in the ranking

Warning: Of course there will be spoilers in this article, if you haven't seen Naruto yet, you should check out this list later.

There was also a great fight in Boruto:

Boruto: Naruto and Sasuke fight Momoshiki

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1. Rock Lee vs. Gaara

Rock Lee is in position to fight

Rock Lee is probably the underdog in the first part of Naruto. Unlike the other students, he can only use Taijutsu, i.e. only his fists and learned fighting techniques. When he has to fight Gaara in the Chunin selection exam, it seems like an unfair fight.

The fight is particularly memorable because Rock Lee manages to keep up with Gaara through speed and hard training. His fighting techniques look good and despite his bizarre demeanor, Rock Lee shows that he wants to get ahead with diligence and hard work. His defeat and the use of the inner goals are then additionally frustrating and sad. There is a nice conclusion for the two ninjas later in the fight against Kimimaro.

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