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The 8 best features of iOS 18 that you should definitely try out



With iOS 18, iPhones get a whole host of new features. MeinMMO presents the 8 best features and explains why you should test them.

When will iOS 18 be released? iOS 18 is expected to be released in September 2024. You can download the public beta from July 2024. However, we advise you not to install the beta on your main phone, as this version is unstable and can cause crashes.


Which functions do we present to you? With iOS 18, Apple has introduced a whole range of exciting features that you can use with the latest version of the operating system. MeinMMO presents the best features that you should definitely try out.

Game Mode

With iOS 18, the iPhone gets the so-called “Game Mode”. Apple promises to optimize the gaming experience on the phone. Apple had previously stated that the iPhone would become the best gaming console.


Once “Game Mode” is activated, your games will have the highest priority on the hardware and other background processes will be given lower priority. This should also improve latency for AirPods and controllers when gaming.

By the way, “Game Mode” is automatically activated as soon as you start playing on your iPhone.


That’s why you should try it: If you play a lot on your iPhone, you should definitely try out the “Game Mode”. The improved latency in particular should be a big improvement.

Blocked and hidden apps

With iOS 18, you will be able to lock and hide apps in the future. You can customize the apps so that they are only accessible via Face ID, Touch ID or a passcode. In addition, you can even hide the apps from your home screen. This hiding option has been met with strong criticism from some users.


That’s why you should try it: In the future, you can put private or sensitive data, such as banking or health apps, in a locked folder.

Greater customization of the user interface

In contrast to Android, Apple offered comparatively few options for adapting the user interface to one’s own needs.


With iOS 18, this is now changing and you get a whole range of new options:

  • With the new update, you can leave gaps between apps on the home screen and arrange the apps however you like.
  • You can also customize the colors of the app icons.
  • Change the controls at the bottom of the lock screen.
  • Customize the Control Center more extensively, for example by changing the size of the controls and dividing them into different groups.

That’s why you should try it: Did you find Apple too boring and uniform? With iOS 18 you can now finally customize your home screen.

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Integrated, free password manager

Apple currently offers basic functions if you want to save passwords on your iPhone. You can currently use the iCloud keychain to save your passwords and user data that you regularly use to log in.

With iOS 18, a completely new password manager app is now added. This allows you to filter and sort all your accounts by recently created passwords, by login type, or by whether an account is in a shared group.


The app is end-to-end encrypted and works not only on Apple devices but also on Windows. This is useful if you have an iPhone but play and work on a Windows computer.

That’s why you should try it: Strong, unique passwords for all accounts are incredibly important, and a free password manager built into iOS is an important step in the right direction.


Delete objects from photos

iOS 18 offers you a new feature that allows you to remove distracting objects from photos. With the new Clean Up tool in Photos, users can select objects in an image and remove them using Apple’s on-device AI software.

In the Photos app, users can select an image and circle an object or person they want to remove from the frame. Apple’s on-device generative AI will then remove the unwanted or distracting object from the photo, making it look like it was never there.


That’s why you should try it: Do you like perfectionist pictures or are you annoyed by other people in pictures when you are taking a photo with friends or family? Then you should try out the new tool in iOS 18.

Schedule messages

If you wanted to send messages on your iPhone, you always had to send your texts straight away. That’s changing now with iOS 18: With the latest version of iOS, you can also plan messages in advance. That can be very practical in everyday life.


That’s why you should try it: You have a brilliant idea in the middle of the night but don’t want to wake anyone up? Then plan the message in advance. You can also plan congratulations in advance so that you don’t forget them.

Apple Intelligence

“Apple Intelligence” is Apple’s response to the current AI boom that is affecting almost all areas of life. The company’s AI solution will be introduced in iOS 18 in the fall.


There will be ChatGPT integration, productivity-focused features like editing aids, and generative AI art suggestions. Other than that, many details are still unclear. But we’ll keep you updated as soon as we know more.

That’s why you should try it: Many experts believe that AI will play an important role in the coming years. So you should take the time to get to know Apple’s new AI tools.


More Tapback options

In Apple’s own Messages app, you could respond to messages with reactions. These reactions are also known as “Tapback.” With iOS 18, Apple has significantly expanded the number of emojis and stickers that you can use to respond to messages. Here, Apple is taking its cue from popular social media apps like Instagram, where such “Tapbacks” are also actively used.

That’s why you should try it: If you already make extensive use of Tapback, you will probably also be impressed by the new reactions.


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