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The 9 classes in the guide and which WoW specializations they remind you of



When Tarisland launches on June 21, 2024, you will have the choice between nine classes and 18 specializations. MeinMMO introduces you to the different archetypes and reveals whether there are comparable counterparts in World of Warcraft.

The servers of the free2play MMORPG Tarisland will go online on June 21, 2024. If you are still looking for information about the release, pre-download, system requirements and other basics, take a look here. In this article, MeinMMO summarizes everything you need to know about the nine classes.

Since Tarisland is heavily inspired by World of Warcraft in many areas, you will also find out here whether there are comparable classes for the archetypes from Tarisland in the larger role model WoW.

The cinematic trailer for Tarisland sets the tone for the launch:

Tarisland: Trailer for the global launch shows cinematic class action

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The 9 classes of Tarisland in the guide: The Warrior

  • 1. Specialization: Rage (Melee Damage)
  • 2. Specialization: War Shield (Melee Tank)
  • weapon: Sword and shield or two swords
  • Comparable class from WoW: Fury or Protection Warrior
  • People: Person
  • Gender: Masculine
The warrior from Tarisland.
The warrior from Tarisland.

War Shield’s class abilities

  • Shield Bash:Consumes a small amount of AP. Use your shield to hit the target, dealing physical damage and gaining resistance.
  • Trampling Storm:Consumes a small amount of AP. Stomps on the ground, dealing physical damage to surrounding enemies and temporarily slowing their movement speed. This skill can grant resistance when cast. Additional resistance is granted for each target hit.
  • Shield attack:Consumes a moderate amount of AP. Attack the target with your shield, dealing physical damage, gaining resistance, and increasing secondary attributes related to stripes for a period of time.
  • Reinforced barrier:Consumes a lot of resistance. Gain a damage absorbing shield. The amount of absorption remaining when replacing the shield will be included in the new effect.
  • Last resistance:Stimulates your potential, increases your maximum HP for a certain period of time, and then immediately restores a certain amount of HP.
  • Impenetrable:Transform into a powerful shield that protects everyone. This allows you to reduce damage taken for a certain period of time and increase defense-related secondary attributes.

The War Shield specialization has ultimate abilities such as displace, taunt, interrupt, control, and healing reduction.

War Shield’s resources are AP and resistance. During battle, AP is gradually restored. Using a skill consumes AP. Every time you successfully parry the opponent’s attack or use a skill that consumes AP, you gain resistance. Consuming resistance can increase the absorption effect of the Reinforced Barrier and increase the warrior’s protection.

Here you can see gameplay of the warrior class:

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The class abilities of Rage

  • Cross-stroke:Attack the target twice quickly, dealing physical damage each time. Casting this skill grants a small amount of rage. Can be charged twice.
  • Last blow:Deal a finishing blow to the target, dealing physical damage and granting a lot of rage. If the target’s health is low, this skill deals additional damage.
  • Rageblade:Must spend Rage. Transform the power of Rage into a blade to attack the target twice, dealing physical damage each time.
  • Armor Penetration:Break the target’s defense with a powerful blow, dealing physical damage and increasing the damage you deal to the target for a period of time.
  • Blade Whirlwind:Transform into a Bladestorm and attack surrounding enemies multiple times within a certain period of time, dealing physical damage each time. You can move while the skill is cast and you are immune to movement-impairing effects. Immunity is not possible against some boss skills.
  • Infinite rage:Unleashes endless rage, increasing the base rage gain of all skills and also the secondary attributes of combos for a period of time.

From instant displacement, HP recovery to precise interruption, slowing down the speed of the battlefield, releasing body restrictions, and even reducing the enemy’s healing ability, Rage specialization warriors possess all kinds of ultimate skills.

The exclusive class resource of Rage specialization warriors is, unsurprisingly, Rage. You gain Rage by casting certain class skills. The Rageblade skill, in turn, consumes Rage to deal large amounts of damage to the target.

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