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The Acolyte would have broken Star Wars canon




The first episodes of Star Wars: The Acolytea series that promised to be the big premiere of the franchise for this year, since Disney itself boosted its marketing to levels that were not even achieved at the time with The Mandalorian. However, things are not going well with it, because with each chapter the plot has felt worse, and now users have found a statement that totally contradicts the canon of the saga’s stories.

In the third chapter we talk a little about the origins of the characters. Osha and Mae, who were part of a community of witches who have been exiled from society, and it was assumed that Mother Aniseya would be the mother of both, given that they share a last name with her and that led to the Jedi Indara to ask where their father is. Taking the answer that it does not exist, and mentioning that they were only born from its womb and given this, the users saw the worst coming.

In a statement by the character Mother Koril, She has confirmed that she is the mother of the girls, and it is striking that it is stated that she created them from scratch, and they were born in her womb just because, implying that it is a birth similar to that of Anakin Skywalkersince in The Phantom Menace It is the same situation of someone who became Darth Vader, that is, conceiving oneself from the strength to be some type of chosen one.

This means that the birth of the girls breaks with what was previously established, since no more people have been reported to be born with this type of situation in which a father does not exist, establishing something totally new and ruling out that perhaps the father himself Anakin It had something special. Which has led fans to speculate that perhaps it was a puppet that had some strength in its being, but that in the end it was not the character of the prophecy and on the contrary, it caused more problems than salvation despite the fact that finished off the emperor.

Remember that Star Wars: The Acolyte releases episodes weekly.

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Author’s note: Without a doubt they should have received the script and the story of the series before applying this, since the fans of this saga are not the calmest in history. However, they will now have to find a way to get out of this problem.

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