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The actor who will be the new James Bond has already been selected |




It is well known that the actor Daniel Craig has finally said goodbye to his role as James Bond after having spent several years playing it, but that does not mean that the franchise should end, because MGM still thinks there's potential for some kind of reboot. This leads us to the fact that months have passed for the company to select the next star who will play the character in many more films, and with a new report they would apparently already have their selection more than solid.

As mentionedAaron Taylor-Johnson would be next James Bond, who is best known for having been the protagonist of the franchise of Kick Assas well as his portrayal of Quicksilver in the film universe of Marveldebuting alongside Scarlett Witch. And yes, the key word is “would be”, given that the actor up to this point has not given a definitive answer to the executives who have made him the proposal, but it is very possible that he will accept the role of the fictional agent.

Here is what was mentioned by the sources close to this news:

Bond is Aaron's job, if you will.

As for Eon, Aaron will sign his contract in the next few days and they can start preparing for the big announcement.

Taylor-Johnson is an incredibly talented actor. They called him the perfect person to play to bond and will continue well from where Daniel Craig left off.

Remember that most of the films in the franchise can be seen through Prime Video. So fans can prepare themselves while announcing the new film. It is undoubtedly a franchise that refuses to end, given that it has remained a benchmark in the action genre for decades.

Via: News Sky

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Editor's note: These types of franchises must be preserved for posterity, so it is good news that there is one more candidate in the role of Bond. Of course, we will have to wait for confirmation so that fans of the franchise can finally remain calm.

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