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The best Icon SBC to date is here, letting you choose between 4 strong players



In EA FC 24 A new Icon SBC has just been launched that can bring really strong legends into your team. The special thing: This time you have the choice of 4 players. But is the expensive gamble worth it?

What is this new icon SBC? The new Icon SBC (Squad Building Challenge) has the catchy name “87+ Icon Pro Choice (Basic, Thunderstruck or Winter Wildcards)” and is available in Ultimate Team until Sunday, February 11th.

Upon completing this task, you will be presented with 4 random icons that have at least a rating of 87. You can choose one.

Basic, Thunderstruck or winter wildcard icons can be included, which is why real hits like Ronaldinho (94), Cruyff (95) or Pelé (96) could pop up. The condition is that you have to give up 3 teams:

  • A team with an overall rating of 87 including a TOTW card
  • A team with an overall rating of 86
  • Another team with an overall rating of 86

Since you don't have to pay attention to chemical conditions, the SBC is easy to solve, at least from a construction point of view. You just need highly rated players – but they can be expensive. If you need coins for this, you can get them via trading in EA FC 24.

How much does the Icon SBC cost? If you look on the futbin portal, the SBC has a total price of a hefty 400,000 coins (as of February 5th). However, this only applies if you have to buy all new players. If you already have SBC food in your club, the challenge can be cheaper.

But is the expensive SBC even worth using? We'll show you what your chances of getting top cards are.

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This is your chance of getting the best cards in the “87+ Icon Professional Choice” SBC

These cards are in the draw: A total of 47 different icon cards are rolled. There are big names like Ronaldinho (94), Cruyff (95) or Pelé (96), all of whom have a market value of over 5 million. But as always there are also rivets, and quite a few of them. Riquelme (89), Scholes (89), Rush (88) and Barnes (89) send their regards.

Here are a few numbers about the chances of getting top cards:

  • In total, 25 of the 47 available cards have a market value of over 400,000 coins. This means that 53% of the icons are worth more than the SBC itself.
  • However, there are few real hits. Only 13 cards break the million mark.
  • 22 cards are worth less than the SBC price (around 400,000 coins) and 7 of them are even worth less than 100,000 coins.

So if you are extremely unlucky, the SBC asks you to choose from Riquelme (89), Owen (89), Rush (88) and van Nistelrooy (91), whose combined market value is even lower than the price of the SBC. If you want to see all available cards, you can find them here (via futbin).

So is the SBC worth it? This is difficult to answer because it is pure chance which icons you are presented with. But with a selection of 4 cards, there is at least a greater chance that at least one of the cards is one of the better ones. However, the chance of top stars like Ronaldinho or Cruyff still remains extremely small.

Actually, what always applies to roulette SBCs: Be careful and don't put your most important players in this SBC. It's quite possible that you draw 4 cards that absolutely don't fit into your team. However, if you have enough card fodder in the club to significantly reduce the price of the SBC, you can test your luck.

One thing is clear: If you are in the process of improving your team, you should not rely on the Icon SBC. Then put your coins into players from the transfer market, where you know what you're getting.

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