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The big MMO shooter is 5 years old, and it should finally continue with a new DLC



The big MMO shooter The Division 2 is now five years old. Now we get a sneak peek at stats and the prospect of new DLC.

On the 5th anniversary of The Division 2, the MMO shooter announced some statistics from the last few years and at the same time promised that it shouldn't be over yet.

In a short video, Ubisoft gives a brief look back at various content and development steps over the last few years:

The Division 2 celebrates its 5th anniversary with you

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What has happened in the last 5 years? The Division 2 was released in March 2019 and started in Washington DC, as the video reminds players. A lot has happened since then and here are some of the content and locations that have been added to the game. A few important development steps are also mentioned.

For each year you will get a few points in the video that describe the journey of The Division 2. For example, the first raid with 8 players took place in Year 1, during Operation Dark Hours. In the fourth year, Ubisoft Bucharest joined the development team.

In addition, Ubisoft published some interesting statistics. So there was:

  • 8 million clans founded
  • 110 million heroic deaths
  • 60 million legendary deaths
  • 2 million countdowns completed
  • The 100th floor in Punktowiec was completed 54 million times
  • 13 million items were “pulled” from the Dark Zone.
  • A billion items have already been dropped/lifted

In another video, the developers themselves talk about their journey with The Division 2 and, among other things, that they don't just see success in themselves. Above all, they say that it wouldn't work without the lively and open community.

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What should happen next? After five years, The Division 2 isn't over yet. Ubisoft states on its official website: “As we celebrate the past five years, we also look forward to the future. The Division 2 journey isn't over yet. We are constantly evolving, presenting new challenges to overcome and secrets to discover.”

In this context, the publication of a new story DLC was confirmed, which is scheduled to appear in early 2025. This time, according to the information, you will visit Brooklyn, New York.

How long have you been playing The Division 2? What memories do you associate with the game and are you looking forward to more hours of play? Feel free to exchange ideas in the comments.

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