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The big pre-patch 11.0 will be released soon, bringing first features of The War Within



The next huge patch for World of Warcraft will probably start in a few weeks. It should be ready by the end of July at the latest.

The next patch for World of Warcraft will be the big pre-patch 11.0. This means that WoW will finally move from the Dragonflight era to the realm of The War Within. Blizzard has now indirectly announced that the big pre-patch will be coming in July.

WoW: Trailer for the release date of The War Within

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When does the pre-patch start? Patch 11.0 will be released no later than July 31, 2024. That is the date on which the pre-event will start. It is more likely that the update will come a week earlier, on July 24, 2024.

A release before the pre-event is usually the case so that everyone has the opportunity to get used to the new system changes.

What’s in the pre-patch? Every new expansion is preceded by a so-called pre-patch. This basically brings a large part of the game data and many of the mechanics of the new expansions, even if the add-on hasn’t even started yet. The pre-patch also contains the “pre-event”, i.e. the time-limited event that ultimately leads to the new expansion.

Also included in the pre-patch are features such as:

  • The revision of the talent trees of many classes. At the start of a new expansion, there are many adjustments that you can get used to by the end of July.
  • The warband becomes active. From then on, many unlocks are account-wide, such as farming transmog for all armor classes.
  • Dynamic flying for many mounts. A large number of mounts can now be used like dragons.

We have presented all the new features of The War Within here.

What comes later? The pre-patch does not include any features that can only be actively used with The War Within: the new areas, dungeons, delves or the hero talents. In order to benefit from these and enjoy the new content, you will have to wait until the release on August 27th – unless you pre-order the more expensive Epic Edition, in which case you can start with the new expansion on August 23rd.

Are you already looking forward to the pre-patch and the new expansion? Or is everything going too fast for you?

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