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The board game Jumanji could have been finished in a few minutes if you had looked closely at the rules



Jumanji is an iconic film starring Robin Williams. The board game of the same name makes life difficult for the protagonists, but the game is actually not that difficult and could be finished in 5 minutes. You should have just read the rules.

What is Jumanji? This is the board game that appeared in the 1995 film with Robin Williams. The video game from Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Jumanji: The Next Level does not matter here. The children Judy and Peter move into the former house of the missing Alan. In this house they find an old dice game. But it is not a simple game, but a curse that brings various obstacles of the game to life.


The difficulty of Jumanji is not to play the game, but to survive the animals and natural disasters that materialize throughout the game. However, as Randy Meeks of Sensacine points out, you can finish Jumanji in a matter of minutes.

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You can find the German trailer for the cult classic here:


Jumanji – Trailer for the cult film with Robin Williams

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Just try to roll the dice as quickly as possible

In his article, Meeks states that the movie’s protagonists should have simply rolled the dice as fast as they could. Instead of running or looking to see what the next obstacle would cause in the real world, each player should have played as fast as possible.


One could argue that the dangers in the real world are deadly, but there are rules for that too that can be circumvented, as user kinyutaka points out on Reddit.

  • You must face the danger that the game board sends. (…) These dangers are concentrated on the person whose turn it is, but can also affect the whole group.

In other words, not everyone has to try to escape from the dangers or find out what dangers are emerging, only the person who has just rolled the dice. At the same time, Meeks notes that it is not defined where you play the game and only the person who is rolling the dice has to be present at the time. If you had divided up tactically, you could have rolled the dice more efficiently.

However, it must also be emphasized that the fast dice sounds simpler than it really is. The threats are dangerous for everyone, including the other players. As you can see from the hunter, the dangers do not disappear if you quickly roll new fields. Moreover, it is children who are exposed to great dangers, not spectators with sober logic.


If you continue the thought experiment, you also have to remember that the demonic game Jumanji cannot be easily outsmarted. As you can see in the later films, it is difficult to destroy the game at all. A big internet star almost had a cameo in the Jumanji sequel: Ninja planned acting debut in Hollywood film – scene was deleted

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