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The children’s series arrives that will take Bluey’s place |




In the last couple of years the children’s series Bluey has taken the world by surprise, given that in certain episodes very deep themes are taken, which have made even adults get hooked on the plot, as they identify with certain aspects. This whole set of opinions has positioned the program as one of the most popular in recent times; However, it seems that things are going to change, since a new contender has appeared.

The show is called Puffin Rockthis series is very similar to that of the blue dog, since here we see the adventures of a little girl named Oona, which spends time in the forest with his friends, learning lessons about nature and how it functions, in addition to having life lessons so that children can learn about respect and more moral values. Likewise, there are somewhat deep themes that will also attract the attention of adults.


Here is the clearest description of the series:

Puffin Rock is an animated children’s series that focuses on the adventures of a young puffin named Oona and her younger brother Baba. The series takes place on a fictional island called Puffin Rock, which is inspired by the coastal islands of Ireland.

It is a co-production between Cartoon Saloon (an Irish animation studio), Dog Ears (a Northern Irish media company), and Penguin Random House. The series premiered in 2015 and has been distributed internationally, being available on platforms such as Netflix.


Remember that you can consult this series on streaming platforms.

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Author’s note: Children’s series finally treat children as people who are constantly learning, so it is worth it for children to watch these programs that do give them something.


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