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The developer is so rich that his new MMORPG on Steam is supposed to make players happy



Developer Andrew Gower has made so much money from his work on the MMORPG RuneScape that his new MMORPG, “Brighter Shores,” will now focus entirely on player happiness, he says in an interview. The new MMORPG Brighter Shores is scheduled to appear on Steam in the third quarter of 2023.

Who is this?

  • Andrew Gower founded the now hugely successful MMORPG studio Jagex with his brother Paul in 2001 and was the main developer of RuneScape for almost a decade.
  • In 2010 he left the board of Jagex and founded his own company “Fen Resarch Ltd.”
  • In 2007 he was already considered a multi-millionaire and one of the 700 rich entrepreneurs in Great Britain, when his fortune was estimated at around 196 million pounds.

RuneScape and the retro version “OldSchool RuneScape” are popular MMORPGs on Steam:

Old School RuneScape – Trailer for the Steam release

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MMORPG developer wants a lot of players, not a lot of money

This is what he says today: In an interview with GamesRadar, Andrew Gower presents his new MMORPG “Brighter Shroes”. He says:

“We are in the fortunate position that we do not need external investors because I am able to finance the entire project myself based on previous successes. There are no outside investors, no publisher, no one breathing down my neck saying we have to achieve certain goals.”

According to Gower, he wants players – as many as possible. They should like his game. He misses running an MMORPG and having lots of players enjoying his MMORPG.

Gower says he's focused on making a game that as many people as possible will like – not on making a lot of money. He hopes that one will lead to the other.

How many are working on the MMORPG Brighter Shores? They currently have a team of 8 people, he could have paid more, but wanted to concentrate on a team that he could finance without external investors.

As the game comes out and gets bigger, the team should grow.

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An MMORPG to unwind after a hard day

What kind of ideas does he have? One idea Gower has for Brighter Shores is that players could automate some of the tedious content.

Players would already do this in MMORPGs and work with rubber bands on the controller or with weights on the keyboard. Normally MMORPGs would fight against such methods, he wanted to make this automation part of his game.

If you want, you can automate tasks like “forging 1,000 pieces of wood or felling trees” and then get worse results than if you do it manually, but have something to look forward to when you log in.

Brighter Shores should encourage players to try out as many things as possible and will always change what is the “most effective way” to achieve a goal.

Gower sees Brighter Shores as a “more relaxed, fun” variation on MMORPGs, especially RuneScape. It's supposed to be a game that you can play after a hard day to unwind and enjoy:

After 10 years of development: creator of the cult game RuneScape presents a new MMORPG that is scheduled to appear on Steam in 2024

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