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The end of Demon Slayer would consist of three films |




We know that products like Dragon Ball Z either naruto They may be irreplaceable, but for a generation of new anime fans, Demon Slayer or Kimetsu No Yaiba It has already become an institution, that is due to its deep narrative and memorable characters. Therefore, when its end comes, there must be something that continues to set a precedent, and everything indicates that it will not be a conventional conclusion as happens with almost all products of this type.

According to recent rumors, the closing of the story would like to go in a big way, and for this they would be making three full-length films in which they will portray the final moments of the manga, to have an adaptation that fans can enjoy in its nearby movie theaters. This is said by a Twitter user who usually handles information close to the production of some large-scale anime, mentioning that the saga must go big and what better way than with high-budget films.


This is the synopsis:


Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, introduces us to Kamado Tanjiro, a young boy, quite intelligent and with a heart that doesn’t burn in his chest. He lives with his family and earns money selling coal. But everything changes when his family is attacked and murdered.

Kamado discovers that it was the fault of Oni, a rather supernatural and bloodthirsty demon. He, along with his sister Nezuko, are the only survivors of the attack, but his sister was turned by the evil demon into one of his species.

Tanjiro goes from being that good boy who sold coal to a demon killer in order to help his sister return to her human form again and avenge, on the other hand, the death of his family and loved ones.


Will Kamado be able to help his sister and fulfill his wish to defeat Oni, the demon that destroyed his family, so that he can feel that he has avenged the death of those he loved most?

It is worth mentioning that these users who carry out rumors about the franchise have been right, so in the end the series could end in three parts and they would be precisely movies and not anime chapters. Remember that you can watch the series on platforms like Crunchyroll and Netflix.


Via: Twitter

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Author’s note: The good thing is that the author of the manga will know when to stop and will not extend it unnecessarily. We will have to wait a little longer and learn the narrative in more depth.


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