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The Epic Games Store will arrive on iOS and Android this year | Atomix



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After multiple legal battles over the last few years, Epic Games is finally ready to bring its digital store to the iOS and Android platforms, although only in Europe. Although there is no exact release date for this at the moment, it has been mentioned that the developers of Fortnite They are doing everything they can to make this a reality by the end of 2024.

As part of today's State of Unreal presentation, Steve Allison, CEO of the Epic Games Store, revealed that plans are already underway to bring the company's virtual store to iOS and Android devices, as well as Fortnite once again to these platforms. This is what was said about it:

“Over the past few years, Epic has relentlessly fought against gatekeepers on mobile platforms to enable distribution to be fairer, more open, and built how we need to run our businesses today. This battle is not over yet, but we have made enough progress. (…) That is why I want to announce that we are working hard on the Epic Games Store for mobile, and we are aiming for a launch on iOS and Android by the end of this year.”

Best of all, the Epic Games Store on mobile devices will have the same benefits for developers that are available on PC. This means that the revenue split will continue to be 88/12 in favor of the studios that publish in the store. Likewise, developers will earn 100% of the revenue during the first six months after the launch of one of their games, and will access 5% Epic Rewards on purchases that qualify for said program. As if that were not enough, they will not have to pay royalties for using Unreal Engine when sales are processed with the Epic Games Store payment system.

However, not everyone will have access to this. Due to a series of legal conflicts between the European Union with Apple and Google, The Epic Games Store will only be available in Europe. Although it is not ruled out that we will eventually see a global launch, especially on the Google Play Store, there are no plans for this currently.

Remember, The Epic Games Store will be available on iOS and Android at the end of 2024. On related topics, Disney makes a million-dollar investment in Fortnite. Likewise, children who do not spend on Fortnite they suffer from bullying.

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Editor's Note:

It is likely that we will not see the Epic Games Store in America. This is a very good offer that developers cannot miss. While public reception may be mixed, this is still a great option that only improves the market.

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