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The FF Tactics remaster seems to be real




Beyond the third part in the trilogy Final Fantasy VII Remake, there isn’t much official information about the future of Square Enix’s beloved series. Multiple rumors claim that several remakes and remasters of the series are in development, including one of Final Fantasy Tactics, about which it seems we have information from a reliable source.

Through his Reddit account, Jason Schreier, famous video game journalist, has pointed out that a remastering of Final Fantasy Tactics it is real, and it would reach our hands in the future. This is what he said about it:


“The Final Fantasy Tactics remaster is real and it’s happening.”

This information comes to light due to the scandal that Midori has been involved in. In the past, this insider has been in charge of sharing information about Japanese companies. However, it was recently revealed that Midori is actually a man who has deceived people, so his credibility has been destroyed.

A few weeks ago, Midori noted that a remaster of Final Fantasy Tactics was in development, but after his recent controversy, many have come to think that all the information he has shared is false. Although there are still many doubts, Schreier has at least backed up this rumor.


This wouldn’t be the first time Square Enix has done something like this. Let us remember that many of its games from the PlayStation 1 generation have received remasters, such as Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy VIII. The only works of this generation that have achieved a remake have been Final Fantasy VII and, according to other rumors, Final Fantasy IX

However, since this is a rumor, It is important to take this information delicately. Notably, Schreier usually shares information through his Twitter account, and rarely does this on Reddit. On related topics, it is 30 years since the launch of Final Fantasy VI. Similarly, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Final Fantasy XVI They did not meet Square Enix’s expectations.


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Author’s Note:

It’s a bit strange that this information doesn’t come directly from Schreier’s Twitter, but visiting his Reddit profile, it seems that this is the real Schreier. Now we just have to wait for Square Enix to share more information, something that could take some time to happen.


Via: Jason Schreier


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