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The FFVII Remake trilogy will not come to Xbox



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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has been positioned as one of the best, or even the best, game of 2024. However, only those with a PlayStation 5 can enjoy this title. While many were eagerly awaiting a possible port for Xbox consoles, it has finally been made clear that the trilogy of Final Fantasy VII Remake It's a PlayStation exclusive..

Through an interview with The Washington Post, Christian Svensson, vice president of second and third party content and strategic initiatives at Sony Interactive Entertainment, has confirmed that the three games focused on reimagining the 1997 classic for modern consoles are exclusive to PlayStation. This is what he said about it:


“In the generation of the original PlayStation, Sony Computer Entertainment had few franchises to its name, and to find its place in a competitive video game industry, we sought to win the hearts and minds of key third-party developers like Square.”

This relationship remains in force today, and is one of the key pieces that ensured the exclusivity of the trilogy on PlayStation. This not only benefits Sony, but this also helped the development of Final Fantasy VII Rebirthsince by only focusing on one platform, the developers had the opportunity to optimize all possible aspects. This is what Yoshinori Kitase, producer of the series, commented on the matter:

“If it hadn't been on a single platform, the map wouldn't be perfect and the game design may have had to go back significantly.”

Let's remember that developing games for multiple platforms generally generates more work that focuses on optimizing ports, rather than improving the design of a title. In this way, it is clear that Final Fantasy VII Remake, Rebirthand whatever the third installment is going to be called, They will not be available on Xbox consoles.


However, we must not forget that Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is available on PC, so it is not ruled out that the Remake trilogy arrives complete on this platform, although it will not do so at the same time as the PlayStation consoles. On related topics, here you can check our review of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Likewise, an update for this title is already on the way.

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Editor's Note:


While it is true that Square Enix is ​​a company that works with the three big developers, Final Fantasy is a franchise that we associate with PlayStation. In this way, it is not a big surprise that we only find this trilogy on these consoles, and perhaps on PC.

Via: The Washington Post


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